Tips to identify Spurious Journals

Scholars are advised to publish their research articles in peer-reviewed journals. Even though the journals are indexed by Scopus or Web of Science, some journals do not follow the ethical guidelines of COPE, WAME, EASE, CARE, etc. Some tips for identifying spurious journals are given below.

  • They approach/function through agents
  • They collect/publish publication fee in Indian Currency although many of them claim to be International
  • They send spamming/phishing emails/SMSs
  • They collect publication fee in individual's accounts
  • Most of the articles in such journals are from people of Indian Origin
  • Most of them have bogus editorial boards
  • They have wrong claims of journal quality including Impact Factor
  • They promise publication within a very short time (1 day to 1 month)
  • They promise peer review but provides only scale based review report
  • Each of their issues contains an unbelievable number of articles (30 to 1000)