MSc in Data Analytics is a six trimester inter-disciplinary post-graduate degree programme conducted by Department of Computer Science. This programme is designed for working professionals and graduates who want to launch their career in the in-demand and lucrative field of data analytics. As organizations are looking ways to exploit the power of big data, technology professionals who are experienced in analytics are in high demand. This programme aims to offer thorough knowledge of the theory and practice of data analytics to become a leading practioner in the field of data analytics. This programme accommodates a wide audience of learners whose specific interests in data analytics may be either technical or business focused.


On successful completion of the MSc programme students will be able to
PO1    Engage in continuous reflective learning in the context of technology and scientific advancement.
PO2    Identify the need and scope of the Interdisciplinary research.
PO3    Enhance research culture and uphold the scientific integrity and objectivity
PO4    Understand the professional, ethical and social responsibilities
PO5    Understand the importance and the judicious use of technology for the sustainability of the environment
PO6    Enhance disciplinary competency, employability and leadership skills


Programme Objective

•    To enable learners to develop knowledge and skills in current and emerging areas of data analytics.
•    To critically assess and evaluate business and technical strategies for data analytics.
•    To demonstrate expert knowledge of data analysis, statistics, tools, techniques and technologies of data analytics.
•    To develop project-management, critical-thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills.
•    To formulate and implement a novel research idea and conduct research in the field of data analytics.


Class Timings :

Morning : 6:30 AM to 8:30 AM

Open Electives