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Christ (Deemed to be University) to celebrate Golden Jubilee The Week

26 Jun  2019

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CIMA revises integrated Bcom course syllabus at Christ Deccan Herald 20 Mar 2019
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The coming post anti-biotic Era Deccan Herald 04 Oct  2018
Flavour your pedagogy with humour Deccan Herald 04 Oct  2018
Divergent Maldives : too close for comfort Deccan Herald 05 Sep  2018
Porn videos should be banned online to protect kids : Satyarthi Times of India 15  Jul   2018
Parliament must pass anti-trafficking bill now, says Kailash Satyarthi Deccan Chronicle 15  Jul   2018
Golden Jubilee celebrations 14  Jul   2018
Harness enery of youth for social transformation: Satyarthi The Hindu 14  Jul   2018
Postal stamp release 11  Jul   2018
Beyond the 'Red Corridor' Deccan Herald 12 Mar  2018
SEBI action against PwC much delayed Deccan Herald 08 Feb   2018
Israiel poet heals you with her verses Deccan Chronicle 18 Nov  2017
Colombo's dependency Deccan Herald 10 Nov  2017
Are lingayats not hindus? Deccan Herald 17 Oct   2017
Corporate leadership issues routine Deccan Herald 11 Nov  2016
Joker and the Thief The Hindu 14 Oct   2016
Protect W Ghats for water security Deccan Herald 22 Sep   2016
Attributes of a good question paper Deccan Herald 15 Sep   2016
CHRIST(Deemed tobe University)signs MoU with iCrowd The Hindu 25 Aug   2016
Law schools lack infrastructure Deccan Herald 23 Aug   2016
A sneak peak into the world of data visualisation Deccan Herald 18 Aug   2016
Sharing love, lunches and laughter Deccan Herald 18 Aug   2016
The art of English Writing Deccan Herald 01 Aug   2016
The plantation drive The New Indian Express 13 Jun    2016
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When holidays hold banking hostage Deccan Herald 26 Mar   2016
Campus hiring now spread to teacher training school Economic Times 14 Mar   2016
Under 25 club The Hindu 03 Nov   2015
When silence speaks louder The Hindu 08  Jul    2015