Centre For Social Action

We Can Make A Change Together

Centre for Social Action (CSA) is a unique movement, where student communities are sensitised on various issues affecting the poor and marginalized sections of society. This is done so that they can internalize and personalize the issues and contribute to sustainable changes in the lives of the poor and the oppressed. Through such processes of involvement, CSA aims to enable the students to be aware of the social realities around them as well as impart them with ideas of how they can contribute towards the upliftment of unheeded sections.

It was set up in 1999 by the management, faculty and students of the University, as an offshoot of the National Service Scheme. It was initiated with the intention of enabling the student community to imbibe the values of social responsibility, as envisaged in the Core Values, Vision and the Mission of Christ University.

With the many socio-economic and environmental issues that the country facing today, CSA believes in the strength of the student community in bringing about a positive change. This is one of the driving forces behind the establishment of the centre, and remains the motivation for its active participation in various developmental projects and social sensitisation programmes. Thus, CSA intends to create a community of empathetic students who can work proactively for the society at large.

The groups that CSA focuses its programmes on are children, women, youth and the student community in urban slums, rural and tribal villages and educational institutions.


  • To encourage holistic development of students by involving them in social action

  • To help make the University a means through which underprivileged sections of society can gain access to tangible improvements in their quality of life

  • To facilitate innovative practices in strengthening university–community relationships

All the activities of CSA derive their strength from its vision and mission. They form the framework and the basis for activity implementation.

Our Vision

"Every student is aware, sensitive, empathetic and contributing to sustainable changes in the society"

Our Mission

"CSA is a centre for promoting volunteerism and enabling students to develop as socially responsible citizens through developmental initiatives"

Activity centre

The Smile on a Child's Face

CSA is a vast organization focused on development and upliftment of the society as a whole. But you have never really been a part of this venture unless you have worked in Activity centre. It is the wing of CSA that works hands on and make a major change in the lives of children. Under group leaders Abhishek, Pragya Surin and Protik Das, our volunteers work with underprivileged children in and around the campus. Around 40 children from two government schools in and around Kanminike, are tutored and guided by our volunteers every day after college hours. We help them out with homework, schoolwork, assignments as well as any difficulty in class. Apart from the bookish teaching, we also provide the students with career guidance. The children are given a fair chance to explore their hidden talents.

Activity centre organizes Talents day every year where not only the children from Kanminike, but also those from our various project areas i.e. Janakiram layout, Ambedkar nagar and LR Nagar. This gives them a chance to unveil their hidden passion in art, music dance and other co-curricular activities. We also organize sports day for the children to encourage children to pursue sports.

Activity centre focuses on overall development of the children. It serves as a platform for underprivileged children to step out of their homes and indulge in the vast sea of knowledge and education.

This wing of CSA is the true spirit of volunteering. Considering CSA kengeri is comparatively a newly formed body, activity centre has been successful in creating notable change in the lives of many. It has convinced students to complete their education and also their parents into believing that these children are better off studying than just helping them out with their work.

The sense of happiness and fulfillment one gets in working with these children can’t match any other. The volunteers have only one source of motivation and they do not need more. The sound of young pupils calling out ‘Anna’ and ‘Akka’ gives immense pleasure. The happiness they feel when one of their students scores well in their exam. The smile on their faces when they come to class. Our volunteers have gone past just being a part of CSA and working because they are asked to. They are involved in the lives of these students at a personal level. They interact with them. They play with them. Each volunteer at CSA kengeri knows each of the students well and hence have devised methods of teaching suited to each one of them separately. The feeling is reciprocated by the students. This is clearly seen by the enthusiasm that these kids have when they come to class. It is not a burden to them, it’s a privilege.


The Voice of CSA

Drishti can be better defined as the theater wing of CSA. Albeit being mostly involved in street theater, it is the first theater body of sorts in CUFE. Currently lead by Minal Mittal and Vedansh Shukla, Drishti aims at sensitizing the crowd and spreading awareness among them through light-hearted plays filled with intense content delivered in a simplistic and minimalistic fashion.

Drishti volunteers are introduced to theater, regardless of their experience in the art as amateurs or newbies, through a workshops in the beginning of the year. A select few work on making scripts while incorporating the views and suggestions of all members in the course of preparation. Ideas are brought forward in in-group brainstorming sessions and also general body CoC's. Posters that herald a new play are made by MnC member. Thus, the overall success of all Drishti plays relies on the active participation of not only Dristhi volunteers, but volunteers from all wings of CSA.

Drishti volunteers are taught to follow the basic tenets of street theater not only during the act, but also in all meetings, practice sessions, workshops and the like to inculcate in the volunteers an intuitive discipline of street theater.

In the two years of its existance, Drishti volunteers have enacted plays on Child Labour, Suicide, and Rape Crimes in India, and flash mobs on occassions of Independance Day and World HIV Awareness Day to name a few. Still in its fledgling state, Drishti aims to become a major student theater body in the campus and also play a larger role in spreading awareness in the society.

Media and Communications

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.
They must be felt with the heart

Said by Helen Keller, the above quote encompasses what Media and Communications stands for. The Media and Communication team, with group leaders Joel James and Sakshi Jha at the forefront, provides one such platform for the students and others to convey their views on issues that really matter, to others through words penned down from their heart. The team is always on a constant lookout for experimentation with new forms of media. Everybody contributes to the production of the media and communication team through articles, case studies, poems, pictures and cartooning to echo the voice of different social issues.

The Media and Communication team of the centre for Social Action(CSA) takes the initiative of informing and sensitizing the people about the society they live in. We focus on creating awareness amongst the common public. We at the media and Communication, use different forms of media as our weapon to carry out the responsibility bestowed upon us. We work behind the scene and highlight the social evils that prevail in the society. We publish magazines, newsletters, posters, maintain CSA blog, and conduct studies so as to get a closer look of the issues in our surroundings that have to be brought to light. A picture is worth a thousand words! We make short documentaries, and have Photowalks (An attempt to stroll down an unexplored lane and take photographs that tell a story) by which we try to bring out the issues through photography and videography. A COC (Chat over Coffee) is a one of its kind event organized by Media and Communication. It gives a platform to the volunteers to express their views, accept someone else’s, debate upon it, all in a comfortable environment, without hesitation, all this and a steaming hot cup of coffee.

We bring out a biannual magazine named 'WE CARE'. In this magazine we publish articles written by students as well as guests, revealing the truth about the social evils in the society. It showcases the problems prevalent in the society to the world and works as an eye opener to the many that remain unaware of their own surroundings.

Our team is open to all sorts of ideas and creative thinking over the ongoing evils in the society in the form of articles, case studies, poems, pictures and cartooning.

Expressing your feelings in words often makes it easier for you to convey them. The Media and Communication, led by Joel James and Sakshi Jha team provides one such platform for the students and others to convey their views on issues that really matter, to others through words penned down from their heart. The team is always on a constant lookout for experimentation with new forms of media. Everybody contributes to the production of the media and communication team through articles, case studies, poems, pictures and cartooning to echo the voice of different social issues.

Child Exposure Trips

"Imagination, the most powerful tool a human possesses to discover the unknown beauty of the nature and feel it through its mind and surrounding."

Center for Social Action at Christ University caters to a large number of students from various project areas, to name a few in Bangalore, Janakiram layout, Ambedkar Nagar, LR Nagar. We at CSA focus on the overall development of these children. Apart from assisting them with their academics, giving them a chance to unravel their hidden talents, encourage them in sports, provide career counseling, we also focus on providing these children a real life experience and applying their knowledge practically.

To enable this, CSA organizes regular exposure camps for these students. It gives them a chance to experience all they have learnt. It gives them an opening to the real world. We recently arranged a trip to planetarium for some of these students. It was a great experience, both for volunteers as well as the children. The awe as well as enthusiasm amongst the children upon seeing and experiencing the fanciful world of stars and our universe was eminent. They had always read about it in their textbooks and our volunteers had done a great job explaining them all about celestial bodies. But at the end of this trip, the students had a much better understanding of their textbooks concept and they came out learning more than just what was taught to them.

CSA aims to organize a greater number of such exposure camps as it is known that young minds learn better when their minds are set free, when they are outside of the four walls of the classroom. Apart from gaining knowledge these trips teach them a lot of life skills that may not be as easy to explain to them. They learn to conduct themselves in groups, also to take responsibility for themselves. It is a sight to see young children holding their friends hands, running around free, sharing their snacks.

We intend to provide such trips to each and every child belonging to every project area on a regular basis so as to give these impressionable minds an opportunity to see a wider view of the world panorama in the spirit of the values of Christ University where we are always given chance to apply what we learn.

Volunteer Exposure Trips

To Open Up To Reality

In the present scenario, the students are living in the competitive field of skills and knowledge where they are pursuing their passion to prove themselves or to survive in the coming future. Most of them are aloof from the rampant real world problems. Center for Social Action at Christ University provides an opportunity to their volunteers to experience the life led by a large part of our society, where their wishes are not always fulfilled, where what is our necessity is luxury.

We frequently organize Rural Exposure Camps for our volunteers where they have to live in our project areas for a few days to experience a life without luxuries. This gives an opportunity to understand the common problems prevalent in the area and apply their knowledge and experience to alleviate them.

Students in these camps replicate the lives of the villagers, interact with them at a personal level, try and understand their grievances, both household as well as those that are common to all. The volunteers are divided into small groups and sent to separate households where they interact with the residents and conduct surveys. Subsequently, they help the villagers out with their routine tasks. These could include farming, digging, fencing or painting walls. This gives a taste of the kind of hard work these villager do to provide for their families, usually just two meals a day. Also the volunteers get a fair chance to interact with the children of the village and organize a street play with them on the issues of the village. This is followed by a session of discussion over finding the solutions for the analyzed problems.

Our students have designed projects to help the people of the project areas. These camps serve as a great learning opportunity for our volunteers. They realize the importance of what they are blessed with which motivates them to work for the betterment and upliftment of these areas.

These camps also serve as an effective Team Building exercise. The volunteers cannot accomplish any task without the cooperation of their fellow teammates. These camps evoke the true spirit of volunteerism where one goes into the real world, experience them personally and empathize with those who smile in those apathetic situations and hence feel the impetus to be a part of the much required change.

Child Sponsorship

Give a Child a Future

Child Sponsorship for the ‘Educate a Child’ programme, was the first initiative of CSA. Started in 1999 with a sponsorship of 50 children, today it has grown to provide opportunities for change to around 650 children every year. So far, more than 1300 children have been benefitted through this programme.

Through this programme, one can sponsor the educational and developmental requirements of a child through an annual donation of Rs 3500 ($70 USD / 500 NOK). This includes the cost for school fees, school books, stationary, bags and sweaters. CSA also organizes biannual health camps (with treatment), talent shows, sports activities, picnics, exposure programmes and film screenings for the children in order to provide them with an opportunity to explore their potential. The children supported through this programme put up an annual thanks giving show named Gracias each year in the Christ University campus.

Through this programme they convey their gratitude towards the Christ University's student community, individuals and others who have sponsored them. The ‘Educate a Child’ programme is part of a more comprehensive developmental strategy initiated by CSA in the region, which includes women empowerment through Self Help Groups (SHG), solid waste management and recycling, economic support for housing, free computer training for children (and opportunities for inexpensive computer training for others) and personality and leadership development programmes for children. These comprehensive activities are funded by various other funding agencies, individuals, organisations and Christ University.

Every sponsor will receive the details of the supported children. Periodic progress reports of each sponsored child will soon be available through this website. CSA also encourages the sponsors to meet their supported children, so as to foster interaction and also develop greater sense of social responsibility.

Every year has seen growing support for our Child Sposorship program. Last year alone, CSA in CUFE was able to inspire volunteers from all over the campus to collect over 2 lakh rupees and sponsor a total of 55 children from the action areas

To support / sponsor a child, please send a cheque/demand draft/money order drawn in favour of the Christ Educational Society, Bangalore, payable at Bangalore. You can send it to:

                    The Director
                    Centre for Social Action
                    Christ University
                    Hosur Road, Bengaluru
                    India - 560 029     

Optionally, any cheque/demand draft/money order drawn in favour of the Christ Educational Society, Bangalore, payable at Bangalore maybe forwarded through Christ University Faculty of Engineering. You can send it to:

                    Faculty Coordinator
                    Centre for Social Action
                    Christ University
                    Mysore Road,
                    Kanmanike, Bengaluru
                    India - 560 074

Please remember to include your name, email address, contact number, and address, so that we can send you the receipt and periodic progress reports of the child you are sponsoring. Additionally, you can also pay by cash by approaching our office in the above mentioned address on working days.

Norwegian sponsors can just transfer the amount of 500NOK to the DnBNOR account no. 5081.07.79257, and mail us at (csafadder@gmail.com OR csa@christuniversity.in), if you are a new sponsor, with your name and address. (The bank account in Norway is managed by Sund Folkehøgskole, one of our partners who are working on our behalf)

The sponsors from foreign country other than Norway can deposit the amount in the following account with all your details send by mail to us.

                        Christ Educational Society 
                        Account No. 2053
                        Bank Name: South Indian Bank Ltd.
                        Branch: Christ University Branch, Bengaluru-560029
                        Branch Code: 0396
                        Swift Code: SOININ55
                        ABA Routing Number: 021001088
                        Intermediary Bank Name: HSBC International Banking Department
                        140 Broadway, New York 10005

For any assistance regarding spsonsoring a child through the CUFE office, please contact the Faculty-in-Charge or any of the mentioned Volunteers