CSA as a Community

"A centre for promoting volunteerism and enabling students to develop as socially responsible citizens through developmental initiatives"

Centre for Social Action (CSA), is a 'Students Movement for a Humane and Just Society' where student communities are sensitized on various issues affecting the poor and the marginalized sections of society. Established in 1999, CSA works towards promoting the value of Social Responsibility amongst the student community. With the support of volunteers, faculty and full time development professionals, CSA is strongly engaged in addressing issues related to child rights, socio-economic development of women, youths and farmers, livelihood, community mobilization and environment/climate change issues.

The Wings Of CSA

CSA flies on its three wings

The Activity Centre

Works on imparting holistic education to the children of the non-teaching staff here at the CUFE campus. Children from the surrounding region also rest their dreams of an all round educative environment on us


The mouthpiece of CSA, Drishti believes in imparting awareness to the crowd by first capturing their attention through theatre, and slowly feeding their mind with the topic of the day


The media and communications department of the CSA is active on all fronts of today's social media, be it online on facebook, wordpress and youtube, or offline through the print media, work of hand including posters and the like