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P M Mathew


Is Kerala Health System Helpless?

The New Indian Express-Kerala edition


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2 Alice Mani Commerce Benefits of learning from text books Deccan Herald 13-Jun-13 View Details


Alice Mani


Participatory Learning

Deccan Herald - Education


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Preethi Sirkeck


Depression - why do they kill themselves

The Sunday Indian


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5 Arvind Radhakrishnan Law Hostage Situations need uniform policy Deccan Herald 07-Jun-13 View Details
6 Arvind Radhakrishnan Law Protection Delay for Whistle Blowers Deccan Herald 21-Jun-13 View Details
7 Sahana Prasad Statistics Floods are result of human exploitation of nature The Deccan Hearald - Letters to the Editor 24-Jun-13 ------------
8 Sahana Prasad Statistics Betting as Science The Sunday Indian 24-Jun-13 View Details
9 Xavier Vincent Botany Getting to the root of the problem Deccan Herald 02-Jul-13 View Details
10 P M Mathew Economics Whither Global Peace The New Indian Express 04-Jul-13 View Details
11 Alice Mani Commerce Igniting the spark of students Deccan Herald -Education 04-Jul-13 View Details
12 P M Mathew Economics World Economic Forum Kochi Meet –A golden opportunity for Kerala The New Indian Express- Kerala edition 05-Jul-13 View Details
   13 Alice Mani Commerce Towards better research standards Deccan Herald -Education 11-Jul-13 View Details
14 Prakasha GS Education Teaching communitys declining ethics Deccan Herald -Education 11-Jul-13 View Details
15 Meena Kumari J Computer Science Using Tech in Classrooms Deccan Herald -Education 17-Jul-13 ------------
16 Sahana Prasad Statistics Dads Day Deccan Herald 19-Jul-13 View Details
17 Sahana Prasad Statistics Detecting Plagiarism Content The Sunday Indian 25-Jul-13 View Details
18 Mathew P M Economics Spend more on higher education The New Indian Express 02-Aug-13 View Details
19 Arvind Radhakrishnan Law Weakness of Cyber Security Policy Deccan Herald 09-Aug-13 View Details
20 Alice Mani Commerce Towards inspirational teaching Deccan Herald 15-Aug-13 View Details
21 Sahana Prasad Statistics Shaping the young mind by example Deccan Herald 22-Aug-13 View Details
22 P M Mathew Economics Marxism in Revival Mode The New Indian Express 22-Aug-13 View Details
23 P M Mathew Economics Reviving Growth-Issues and Strategies 23-Aug-13 View Details
24 Alice Mani Commerce The city which is in perfect balance The New Indian Express 28-Aug-13 View Details
25 Alice Mani Commerce Augmenting academic knowledge Deccan Herald 29-Aug-13 View Details
26 Alice Mani Commerce Proactive Learning Deccan Herald 12-Sep-13 View Details
27 Sahana Prasad Statistics Nan Magalu Vidheshakke Hodlu .. vijayanext ( page 16) 13-Sep-13 View Details
28 Sahana Prasad Statistics A salute to life Deccan Herald 18-Sep-13 View Details
29 Sahana Prasad Statistics Guptagamini Kannada Prabha 18-Sep-13 View Details
30 Arvind Radhakrishnan Law Flawed cyber security The Sunday Indian 09-Aug-13 View Details
31 Alice Mani Commerce Consumer is no king at super malls Deccan Herald 27-Sep-13 View Details
32 Alice Mani Commerce Managing a large classroom Deccan Herald 26-Sep-13 View Details
33 Sahana Prasad Statistics Jaguli - Agnanigala Moorkathana Kannada Prabha 09-Oct-13 View Details
34 Mathew P M Economics More than gatekeeper of information Deccan Herald 03-Oct-13 View Details
35 Mathew P M Economics Shifting Paradigms in Economics Deccan Herald 10-Oct-13  View Details
36 Alice Mani Commerce When teachers learn from students Deccan Herald - Education 17-Oct-13  View Details
37 Arvind Radha krishnan Law Games that the Armyt plays The Sunday Indian 30-Nov-13  -------
38 Lakshmi Iyer CUIM Cloud computing can help the SME sector grow and transform The Hindu 29-Oct-13  View Details
39 Alice Mani Commerce Govt, RBI need to work together to shore up rupee Deccan Herald 09-Nov-13  View Details
40 Sahana Prasad Statistics Wake up boys Deccan Herald 12-Nov-13 View Details
41 A S Suresh CUIM Policy Issues The Sunday Indian 15-Nov-13 View Details
42 Lakshmi Iyer CUIM The evolution of the Mouse The Hindu 03-Dec-13 View Details
43 Usha Dinakaran BHM Fostering student-teacher relationship Deccan Herald - Education 05-Dec-13 View Details
44 Alice Mani Commerce Soft Skills for Commerce Students Deccan Herald  02-Jan-14 View Details
45 Sahana Prasad Statistics Changing society Deccan Herald 15-Jan-14 View Details
46 Geetanjali Purswani Commerce Booming trends in commerce education Deccan Herald 13-Feb-14 View Details
47 Arvind Radhakrishnan Law Scrapping defence Deals: Pros and Cons Deccan Herald 16-Jan-14 View Details
48 Mathew P M Economics Interim Budget No Game-Changer The New Indian Express 19-Feb-14 View Details
49 Mathew P M Economics Balancing Growth and Environment Deccan Herald 21-Feb-14 View Details
50 Arvind Radhakrishnan Law Strategic Thinking Missing in Navy Deccan Herald 28-Feb-14 View Details
51 Bidanda Chengappa Political Science Should the Centre have sunk the Navy chief? Business Line 01-Mar-14 ------------
52 D N S Kumar Centre for Research projects Private universities make a difference Deccan Herald 27-Feb-14 View Details
53 Sahana Prasad Statistics Best companion Deccan Herald 06-Mar-14 View Details
54 Arvind Radhakrishnan Law The Navy Chiefs resignation is symptomatic with the problems that plague Indias defence services The Sunday Indian 07-Mar-14 View Details
55 Mathew P M Economics Reverse Economic Inequality The New Indian Express 06-Mar-14 View Details
56 Sindhuja Iyengar Political Science Better man, not lesser evil Deccan Chronicle 18-Mar-14 ------------
57 Alice Mani Commerce Chalk Vs technology Deccan Herald 3-Apr-14 View Details
58 Sahana Prasad Statistics Baari Barigu Uttara Patrike enisutta Vijaya Next 25-Apr-14 View Details
59 Alice Mani Commerce Pillars of Teaching Deccan Herald 8-Apr-14 View Details
60 Arvind Radhakrishan Law Modis mythic development model Financial Chronicle 10-May-14 View Details
61 Mathew P M Economics Towards world class varsities The New Indian Express 10-May-14 View Details