Newspaper Publications for the year 2012-13

Sl No Name of the Faculty Department Title of the Article Name of the Daily Date URL
1 Sahana Prasad Statistics Library with a Soul Jagrancityplus 3-Jun-12 View Details
2 Mathew P M Economics Health Sector needs a major boost DH Education 7-Jun-12 View Details
3 Sahana Prasad Statistics Ms Acid Tounge DH Education 7-Jun-12 View Details
4 Rishikesh K B Commerce Teaching Methodology: Days of Chalk, Walk and Talk are Gone DH Education 7-Jun-12 View Details
5 Mathew P M Economics Chinas Low Growth target raises brows DH Education 7-Jun-12 View Details
6 Bharati S Gopal CUIM Get cracking on your case study DH Education 7-Jun-12 View Details
7 Sindhuja Iyengar Political Science Graduate Constituency Elections Undemocratic - Comment Asian Age 12-Jun-12 View Details
8 Aravind Radhakrishnan School of Law Time for Parliamentary oversight over intelligence agencies Deccan Herald 22-Jun-12 View Details
9 Mathew P M Economics What reviving animal spirits means D N A 3-Jul-12 View Details
10 Jaykumar V Hotel Management College" a step closer to the real world DH Education 5-Jul-12 View Details
11 Baiju Gopal Psychology Enikkum Maatram Naan marichirikkunnu India Today(Malayam Ed) 11-Jul-12  
12 Arvind Radhakrishnan School of Law Why is Sino-Indian war inquiry report being hushed up? Deccan Herald 12-Jul-12 View Details
13 Bidanda Chengappa and Suparna Kar Political Science /Sociology Exodus and the Question of National Identity D N A 27-Aug-12 View Details
14 Bidanda Chengappa Political Science To face China prepare military on the ground D N A 7-Sep-12 View Details
15 Sahana Prasad Statistics Loud Mouth Deccan Herald 29-Sep-12 View Details
16 Mathew P M Economics 50 years of  Vatican II that gave vernacular mass D N A 8-Oct-12  
17 Antony P U Zoology Ecology and the City Deccan Herald 9-Oct-12 View Details
18 Arvind Radhakrishnan School of Law SC awakens nation to bonded labour Deccan Herald 19-Oct-12 View Details
19 Joseph Jacob K Managemnt Studies FDI in retail: Making sense of the Hoopla The Sunday Indian 21-Oct-12 View Details
20 Mathew P M Economics Economics of Healthcare Deccan Herald 27-Oct-12 View Details
21 Arvind Radhakrishnan School of Law Higher Education needs push from inside, not outside Deccan Herald 10-Nov-12 View Details
22 Ramachandran T S CUIM Kingfisher Airlines: Stuck in an Air Pocket The Sunday Indian 18-Nov-12 View Details
23 Sahana Prasad Statistics Motivation Speakers and Uneasy Truth The New Indian Express 23-Nov-12 View Details
24 Rhik Kundu student Young India vibes well with young Pakistan Sunday Times 25-Nov-12 View Details
25 Bidanda Chengappa Political Science Karzai Visit: Soft or hard Power? Sunday Times 25-Nov-12  
26 Sahana Prasad Statistics Changing Morals - A person accused of wrong doing in its shadow all his life Deccan Herald 26-Nov-12 View Details
27 Mathew P M Economics A Strong Case for Foreign Universities Deccan Herald 29-Nov-12 View Details
28 Claude Arpi student The only solution for Tiber issue D N A 29-Nov-12 View Details
29 Vagishwari S P History Tippu’s Cannons emphasise Bangalore’s heritage identity Deccan Herald 4-Dec-12 View Details
30 Mathew P M Economics Towards Green Accounting Business Line 6-Dec-12 View Details
31 Alice Mani Commerce Major Banks should lead the way towards Green Banking Deccan Herald 7-Dec-12 View Details
32 Antony P U Zoology Ecosystem damane cause by surveys Deccan Herald 13-Dec-12 View Details
33 Bidanda Chengappa Political Science Sino-Indian Relations: the Dragon Takes a Turn The Sunday Indian 23-Dec-12 View Details
34 Latha Ramesh CUIM What INFY is doing right Technomics 27-Dec-12  
35 Bidanda Chengappa Political Science Territorial Dimensions The Sunday Indian 30-Dec-12 View Details
36 Aravind Radhakrishnan School of Law Do we need a media council? The Sunday Indian Jan-13 View Details
37 Antony P U Zoology Engerndering  Gender Studies in academics Deccan Herald Jan-13 View Details
38 Sahana Prasad Statistics Skin Deep and Sensitive The New Indian Express 3-Jan-13 View Details
39 Mathew P M Economics Indias dirty tax on poor remains high Deccan Herald 9-Jan-13 View Details
40 Alice Mani Commerce E-learning : A click away from success Deccan Herald 16-Feb-13 View Details
41 Sahana Prasad Statistics Schools need code of conduct Bangalore Mirror 21-Feb-13  
42 Chengappa Political science State security panel a non-starter The New Indian Express 24-Feb-13  
43 Aravind Radhakrishnan School of Law Counter terrorism machinery a must Deccan Herald 1-Mar-13 View Details
44 Aparna Sethi CUIM Thats OK, Momma Deccan Herald - Right in the Middle Mar-13 View Details
45 Aravind Radhakrishnan School of Law Intelligence Agencies require both auditing and oversight Deccan Herald 16-Mar-13 View Details
46 Sahana Prasad Statistics Chow Chow Bath Kannada Prabha 16-Mar-13  
47 Chandrashekhar C K T CUIM A 20,000 Tonne Dilemma The Sunday Indian 18-Mar-13 View Details
48 Sahana Prasad Statistics Best Teachers Deccan Herald 18-Mar-13 View Details
49 Aravind Radhakrishnan School of Law Defence cuts  may hit national security Deccan Herald   View Details
50 Aparna Sethi CUIM Much depends on how a women looks rather than her achivements Times of India 28-Mar-13 View Details


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  More segregation, more   money

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