Centre for Digital Innovation

Technology excellence for human elation


Centre for Digital Innovation is dedicated to delivering novel, creative and high quality technology solutions for social good.


Centre for Digital Innovation (CDI), established in 2015, is a special centre to innovate and provide research oriented digital solutions. CHRIST (Deemed to be University) envisioned the importance of technology and thus started the in-house development of educational ERP system way back in 2001. This centre moved along with technology advances and lately, started offering mobile ERP solutions. Our university has been providing research support to different industry organizations, in the fields marketing, technology, finance, and business strategy etc. We also collaborate with software companies to offer IT internship to foreign as well as our own students.

CDI is born as an umbrella organization to coordinate different technological activities within CHRIST (Deemed to be University). It aims to bring out innovative technical solutions targeted towards social good. Partnering with industrial organizations for solving their problems will be a key to this. Also, we strive to expose teachers and students to industry practices.

Focus areas
a.    Internet of Things
•    Security layer
•    IoT for healthcare
•    IoT for pollution control


b.    Online collaboration platforms
•    Online writing lab
•    Online business collaboration platform
•    Online skill development


c.    Multi-platform mobile applications
•    A framework / tool which can be used to make applications for different mobile platforms with re-writing the code.


d.    Smart Campus
•    Educational content (documents, videos, presentations) to everyone
•    Mobile applications for institutional administration


e.    Data Science
•    Collaboration platform for data driven business decisions
•    Better data analysis algorithms


Works done so far:
a.    Educational ERP
•    An in-house developed ERP system
•    In use for more than 10 years
•    15+ engineers and 2 managers
•    Caters to the technical needs of institution – admission, student attendance and evaluation, staff attendance and payroll, campus management, question bank, and recruitment etc.


b.    Android Applications for institution
•    Android apps for attendance entry and marks entry etc.
•    Android apps for admission process


c.    Global IT Internship
•    Software engineeringpractices for budding engineers
•    Software training
•    Software engineering mentoring
•    Soft skills for IT industry
•    Awareness of multi-cultural working